Monday, June 20, 2011

Mommy, Am I Fat?

This upsets me greatly.  There is a video and article on about a 6 year old girl who thinks (because her peers told her she was) overweight.  First off, she's completely average and healthy.  Second of all, she's six!  A six year old shouldn't be worrying about needing to lose weight.  Apparently she isn't the only one.  The article says that nearly half of the kids between the ages of 3 - 6 were worried that they were fat.  I feel like a lot of the kids that are telling other kids they're fat are learning it from their parents.  Of course, kids are also hearing their parents talking about their own insecurities with their bodies and translating to themselves.  For the latter, we really need to watch what we say in front of our kids and leave our own insecurities to ourselves.  For the parents teaching their children to discriminate...well I think that's just plain ignorance.  And that's what I'm hoping to help with here.  Not that I get many readers, but you never know who you'll touch.

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