Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Break The Cycle

I found this great article from the Mom's Council containing tips on how to foster your child's self-esteem.  I know I constantly worry that when I have children I'm going to end up saddling them with my own insecurities and that's the LAST thing I would want to do.  I especially enjoyed the comments from Cristine, one of the contributing moms.

Through trial and error I have learned that the best way to build my children’s self-confidence is by letting them do things for themselves even if the result isn’t perfect. Whether it's watching my son struggle to zip up his coat for 10 minutes or letting my daughter get dressed by herself and the result being a “fashion don’t,” I have learned to let them do things for themselves and feel happy with what they accomplished.

I think that's fantastic, and I'm sure extremely hard to do!  As with most things in life one key to success is to really slow down, take a breath and truly think about what is going on and what potential consequences could be.  But don't over-think either!

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