Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Chef In Each School...And Maybe One In My House?

Okay, so that last part is a fantasy, but the first part is on it's way to becoming a reality!  As part of the First Lady's 'Let's Move' initiative, America's chefs are heading to our schools.  So far they've done things like help tweak menus, offer tastings so that kids could try new things and pick out what they liked and also just giving out some good old fashioned information.  I think I was as shocked when I read this next bit as the chef was when she found out!

Ruble said she expected some students to be unfamiliar with the pomegranates she brought in, but some students had never eaten a fresh orange -- or even an apple.

 I think this is a great initiative, especially if the above is true!  I wish we had a program like this when I was younger.  All I can remember in our cafeteria was the pizza slices as big as your head, mozzarella cheese sticks, french fries and deliciously evil cookies.  We definitely need to start teaching our kids about nutrition and healthy habits...because fat kids make fat adults!  I've been both, I should know.


Also, everyone should sign Jamie Olivers' Food Revolution Petition -

The new season starts Tuesday.  I missed the first season but I'm going to watch this year!

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