Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Plus Size Acceptance

 There's an article that asks Is Plus Size The New Hollywood Ideal?  Simply put, no.  But the article does talk about how there are numerous shows around now that feature plus size actors and actresses.  Here are their examples:
Gabourey Sidibe's Oscar nomination in 2010, Lifetime's Drop Dead Diva show cast a plus size actress in the lead role, ABC Family's new show Huge boasts a curvy cast and a storyline focused on plus size teens, and last but not least, the hit series Glee is receiving buzz about its plus size character and her increased story line that includes a love interest.
There does seem to be a lot more of a plus size presence in the past few years, and they are all different people to boot. I do think that this is a good step to fat acceptance.  My favorite part of the story was this quote:
But the real message isn't that being heavy or thin is the ideal. Its self acceptance that's ideal. Its being healthy that is ideal.
This is ultimately what we need to be focusing on.  Health instead of weight.  The article even states that a healthy weight varies between people and their frames.  And the best option for all people is not the leanest variation that is usually seen in the media.  It also states that there are studies suggesting that people with a BMI in the overweight range actually have a survivial advantage over people above or below that range.

I feel that on this topic, I have to mention something that happened in my office last week.  Two fellow co-workers were talking to each other in the cube next to mine.  One girl started to talk about a girl that her ex-boyfriend thought was really attractive.  She then proceeded to say that she has met this supposed beauty in person and said to my other co-worker 'I just don't get it...she was heavy.  I guess it's a British thing'.  I hope her snarky demeanor comes across as much as it did in person.  Needless to say, it was the end of the day, so I packed up my things and walked right past her while looking her in the eye.  Of course I then heard whispers and giggles, but instead of feeling defeated for what these girls had said, I let it motivate me to try to change peoples perceptions. 

Have any of you every had real life experiences like this?  What did you do and how did it make you feel?

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