Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Get More Sleep, Be Happy and Chill Out!

I've read a number of articles on some new studies going around about the effects of sleep, depression and stress on weight loss.  This one is by far the easiest to understand.  As you can imagine it basically finds a correlation between all three and your weight loss.  More sleep, more weight loss.  Less depression and stress?  Less weight.  But knowing that information and actually having the tools to effect those factors in your life are two completely separate things.  Changing your sleeping habits is pretty easy, even if you're just getting another 30 minutes a night.  I recently had to start going to bed at 9:30 at night so I could get enough sleep before waking up at 5:00 in the morning to start my day.  The week or two I didn't go to bed earlier I actually gained 5 lbs!  And that was without any changes to my diet or exercise routine.  So I can attest how much of an impact that can make.  Now lowering your stress levels and depression can be tricky.  You pretty much have to find your own source of relaxation.  What works for me might not work for you.  Mine happens to be television and reading.  What are some suggestions for calming yourself down?  Depression is probably the trickiest of them all.  I find it always helps to talk to a supportive group of people, or maybe one trusted friend.  You might also consider therapy.  It might be as small as making one good choice that could lead you down a better path!  Share other ideas and help us all out!


  1. Makings cards, and used to be baking, and well I just had to give that up.

  2. I love Zumba! Unfortunately my gym only offers it during the day and once on Sundays. You can imagine that class is packed. And this girl needs some ROOM to bust a move! I've become a huge fan of spinning, I think everyone should try it once!